Kaleidoscope Childcare
Kaleidoscope Childcare
Kaleidoscope Childcare
Kaleidoscope Childcare
Kaleidoscope Childcare
Fees: Breakfast Club

£4 for arrivals before 8.30am - includes breakfast if wished
£1.50 after 8.30am

£15.00 per 3 hour session

Early Years Free Education
3 and 4 year olds are entitled to 15 hours universal free childcare a week. We offer a further 15 extended free hours for working parents who are eligible for the funding (30 hours Funding). The 30 hours funding is available for pre-school only (9am to 3pm each weekday, term time only).

Free for 2 funding for 2 year olds is available for parents in certain circumstances.
We do not charge for snacks and drinks at pre-school but a cooked lunch is available at £2.30. However, children can bring in a packed lunch from home.

After School club
fees are charged by the hour.
Fees are £4.00 for each hour or part of the hour that a child attends.
A cooked tea is also available if wanted. The cost of tea is £2.30.

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